Four Corners Pictures
May - June, 2002

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Four Corners - Atlanta, GA, to Key West, FL, San Ysidro, CA, Blaine, WA, Madawaska, ME, back to Atlanta - two friends - Chappy, and Muskrat - two bikes - Yamaha Ventures - 19 days - approximately 13,000 miles - 115 degrees and dust~devils in Arizona - 30 degrees and snow in Montana - rain from Washington state to Maine - and we'd do it all over again in a minute!

(At this time, images are NOT in chronological order...)

Chappy's Venture on the PCH

Muskrat's Venture on the PCH

Muskrat rolls on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Two Ventures n' a Valk on the Blue Ridge

First corner, Key West, FL

Venture'n out to the Pacific Coast Highway

"Bikers by the bay", Maine Coast

Biker buddies at Mount Rushmore

Maine lighthouse

Bikes on the Pacific Coast

Bikes, fog, rocks, & sea

Alcatraz Island & the Oakland Bay Bridge

Chappy n' Muskrat at Niagara Falls (note Muskie's special rain gear!)

Chappy and Cindy - wet, cold, a long day in NE USA

Chappy at the Golden Gate Bridge

Venture starburst on the Pacific

Chappy's Venture overlooks the Pacific

Jim calls Tracy from the Pacific Coast Highway

Cindy & Chappy celebrate their 24th anniversary with Maine lobsters

At Devil's Tower

"...and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God..."

"doo dee doo dah deeeee..."

Jim, Tracey, & Scout, the St. Louis arch

Four Corners, six friends ~ coast of Maine

Sun spots? Or.....

Madawaska, ME, Four Corners memorabilia in Post Office

Jim & Tracy at the Niagara River

Mmmmm, BBQ, mmmmmmm

"Lisa, lobster...lobster, Lisa..."

Montana in #$%+@ June...

Mural on store, Guadalupe, CA

The gang at Niagara falls

"No, no, gas in the bikes, not propane!"

Old car, old biker

Our womens at Niagara

One of the prettiest views on the Pacific Coast Highway

Politically incorrect school mascot, Yuma, Arizona

Does not apply to bikes :)

We did it! Four Corners - put a fork in it, it's done!!
Please check back often for more pictures - I'll be adding pictures on a regular basis!


Remember 9/11 ~ "Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good..." Romans 12:21

Good advice - overcome it with a good Army, Air Force, Marine Corp., and Navy - let's roll!